Installation of post and panel Retaining Wall

Step 1.

Work out which post needs to be installed first, usually the first post is against the building or fence or in a corner position etc and needs to be in the exact location.

Step 2.

Place the first post into the hole (see engineer detail for required hole dimensions) dotted line in figure 1 Represents location of string line. the string line is used for height and straightness so be sure it is pulled very tight.

Step 3.

Use a spirit level on the side of the post and make it plumb (left to right).
The front of the post should lean back towards the load until the bubble in the spirit level comes to the line (see figure 2) if higher than 600mm off set your level by taping a 15x15mm block to the side of your level, to achieve 10mm of lean per panel to meet engineering. (see figure 2)

Step 4.

Mix clean sand with cement in a cement mixer or wheelbarrow at a ratio of 5 parts clean sand and to 1 part cement plus enough water for work ability

Step 5.

Place cement mix from bottom of post to the panel level

Step 6.

To accurately locate the next post we use timber batons (approx 25x40mm) cut to 1.503mm long to use as spacers (see figure 1). for vehicle surcharge retaining walls cut timber length to either 1.203mm .903mm .753mm .

Step 7.

Repeat steps 2 to 5 and usually fit panels. Knock the panels down so the top is level with the top of the posts.
If the top and bottom spacers are used (see figure 1) panels can be fitted another day. Check cement mix is left approx 50mm below underside of panel depth, just prior to fitting panels add approx 70mm of cement mix so that the panel walls push into the fresh mix and once set remain at the correct level.

Step 8.

Take approx 50mm of cement mix away from the front of the posts so future paving, lawn, garden, etc can go there.

Step 9.

With gloves push cement mix into the vertical gap between the back of the panels and posts. this will hold the panels in tight and prevent soil leaking.

Step 10.

Spray water over completed wall cleaning off any cement mix or marks that maybe visible from the front. For marks difficult to remove use a piece of soft natural limestone and gently scrub with water.

Figure 1

Figure 2